Useful Advice For Staying Comfortable On A Long Haul Flight

If you are planning a long haul flight then you will probably want this to be as pleasant an experience as possible. Below are a few of the things that you can do in order to make sure you are more comfortable on a long haul flight.


– Try not to over pack your hand luggage and make sure that you only keep the essentials with you during the flight; the rest should be stored away in the overhead locker. A lot of us will have a bag wedged under our feet or getting otherwise getting in the way. Unless you are travelling business class you are going to have limited room so make the best use of it; give yourself room to relax.


– You may have the opportunity to book your seat in advance on the internet and if you get this chance then you should take it. If you can get a seat near the exit then you will have more room but these seats tend to go quite quickly so you will have to get in fast.


– Having a good travel pillow is the best way to make sure you are more comfortable on a long haul flight. There are many people who simply cannot sleep on a plane unless they have a neck pillow.


– Bring some type of entertainment such as a book, magazine, or electronic device. Although there will probably be in-flight entertainment lined up for you, you may not like what is on. It just makes sense to have your own entertainment with you as well.


– Take advantage of the toilet on the place to freshen up. You will feel much better if you get a chance to brush your teeth and comb your hair before you land.


– Avoid drinking too much alcohol or coffee during the trip as this can make you dehydrated.


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