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Times were not always so good for Turkish Airlines as they have been in recent years. Gross annual revenue for the airline reached 4 billion dollars US for 2010. However, the airline suffered through several decades of poor reputation, especially in the 70s and 80s, as multiple problems plagued the company, from poor customer service through to delayed flights.

There were also seven accidents reported in the years from 1974 to 1983, as well as multiple serious events. But Turkish Airlines turned their fortunes around in the late 80s, as the government took a stand to influence their future. Indeed, the turn of the century has seen a steady rise on all fronts for Turkish Airlines, and it seems there are only blue flying skies, ahead.

Turkish Airlines was the recipient of the “Market Leadership Award 2011”, given by Air Transport World, a leading magazine within the aviation industry. The internationally recognized award was presented to airline officials in a ceremony held in Washington D.C.

The global economy has made business very challenging for the vast majority of businesses around the world. The airline industry in general is renowned for its fortunes following similar movements to those of the global economy. However, the strong marketing efforts and innovative management of Turkish Airlines saw them ride through the worst of the global financial crisis and still turn a strong profit.

Last year, 2010, was a banner profit year for Turkish Airlines as they reported a 9M net profit of 169 million USD. Their sales revenue saw a substantial increase, by 39%, closing out at 5 billion USD. The company’s strategic plan includes the addition of new Boeing long-haul fleet of 777-300ER’s for increased business class revenue. However, they also have plans for using the wide-body jets for international cargo hauls, as well. While last year’s figures were not exactly expected, they were, nevertheless, quite pleasant. Adding fuel to the fire is the intensive marketing strategy the airline has adopted to increase brand awareness all over the globe. The objective of the airline is to expand their Asian operations as well as to establish themselves on the US market. While an ordinary individual has to take a cash advance loan in order to travel in business class, there can be a number of people that can afford traveling in high-class.

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Since the Turkish Airlines has experienced years of solid steady profits, they are in a great position to handle this they way most businesses would. The airlines have been proving how smart they are in marketing by globally branding their business in a smart manner. We have the opinion that this company moves fast and is ready to take over the very competitive market of aviation and flight travel globally. Not only has there been numerous celebrity multiple year contracts, but the business has made a lot of new purchases for its fleet and making company improvements all over.

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