Are you ready for best methods of transportation when considering apartments and real estate in Rio de Janeiro?

When thinking about ownership of apartments or real estate in Rio de Janeiro there are several things to contemplate. As with any purchase a great deal of research should be done about properties that are for sale. One major consideration that people commonly forget about is transportation. How will you get around? Though sometimes this is easy to forget, it is certainly something that should be thought about before you are closing deals on penthouse apartments in Copacabana or Ipanema.

So for beginners, what are your options as far as transportation? In Rio de Janeiro there are many. The options could include car, bus, taxi, subway and in some cases boats. Obviously, your methods of transportation will be dictated by your financial situation as well as usefulness. If you live in the south zone (Ipanema, Copacabana, etc.) then the subway is a very quick and cost effective option.

Even so if you live in Barra da Tijuca or even Recreio you will have to look at other selections, since a subway won’t be completed to these locations for quite some time. Having a car is necessary in these locations. Though cars tend to be high priced, it may be possible to find a good deal on a used car that is for sale. Otherwise you will be travelling with the masses by bus. It should also be mentioned that even with a car, travel from Barra to other parts of Rio de Janeiro can be challenging, especially during rush hour traffic. This is surely something to make a note if you are looking into real estate in these spots.

If you’re searching to purchase apartments in a place such as Niteroi a car may not be important due to the accessibility of the ferryboat. This will help you be at the city center in 15 minutes. Again, this a great cost effective method of travel. Though Niteroi is just outside of Rio, the lower costs could make this an desirable option. Though it’s not going to be like having a penthouse in the south zone, it’s a more affordable option.

Whatever your resolution ends up being, it’s important to review all of your options as well as understand the traffic conditions when looking into real estate that is for sale. You’re not just planning to travel here for a vacation or a holiday. You are intending to live here. In the long run this will help you save some headaches.

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