Myself against the rat: A battle of wills in one of my past Rio de Janeiro apartments

First off, I must admit, the spot that I was residing can’t really be specified as an apartment. I’m one of those kinds of individuals who needs to go so far off the beaten path that I can’t find it again. Hotels and Apartments? Not truly my bag. So not surprisingly, when an individual like me goes to travel to Rio de Janeiro I’m more likely to face some special challenges. Especially if you go to look at the kind of rentals I considered. If you take unconventional actions, you are very likely to have some unconventional challenges, as I found out.

I had actually identified some flats located in one of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. This particular favela was located within Copacabana, however it was also very close to Ipanema. While most people will may likely try to find hotels or apartments, I actually found this unique section of real estate to be embedded in the culture. Funk parties, loud music, samba, low budget fireworks at all times of the day and night. If this is the holiday you seek out, then a favela is for you. If not, chances are you’ll consider a different plan for your vacation.

As I transferred into my new accommodations, it wasn’t a long time before I learned I had an unforeseen visitor. Or you could possibly would refer to him as an invader. Though it can be fought as to who was the actual invader. I suppose to this rodent, I was in truth encroaching on his territory. Possibly he was there a long time before I appeared. Also, this isn’t really something that occurred to me while I had been trying to find flats and rentals in the local slums of Rio de Janeiro. But what can you do?

One might possibly inquire, what’s it like living with a rat? Well, most people have had that roommate who is “that guy.” You know the type. The ones who make noise when you’re wanting to sleep. They devour your food and don’t clean up their messes. Though I must acknowledge, when compared to other roommates in other apartments I’ve stayed in, this rodent was quite well mannered. But then again, the bar has been set low, very low.

Most likely next time I’m going to accept the approach of staying in hotels. Though for the money, there’s no chance I would have gotten anywhere as close to Copacabana or Ipanema beach had I not moved into some accommodations that might consent to my furry four legged friend with a tail.

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